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Hanyu Pinyin is the official "spell-out-sounds" system to show people how to read or pronounce Chinese characters. It is often used to teach Standard Chinese and spell Chinese names in foreign publications and may be used as an input method to enter Chinese characters into computers.

The pinyin system was developed in the 1950s based on earlier forms of romanization. It was published by the Chinese government in 1958 and revised several times. The International Organization for Standardization adopted pinyin as the international standard in 1982. The system was adopted as the official standard in Taiwan in 2009, where it is generally referred to as the New Phonetic System and is used for romanization alone rather than for educational and computer input purposes.

Hnyǔ means the spoken language of the Han people and pinyin literally means "spelled-out sounds." "Pinyin" is a shorthand form of "Pinyin wenzi", which means "alphabetical writing system." "Hanyu pinyin wenzi" thus means "the alphabetical writing system for the Chinese language."

Many missionary people use the help of Hanyu Pinyin to read Bibles to Chinese people.  If a Bible is printed in English, most Chinese people won't be able to read it.  If a Bible is printed in Chinese characters, missionary people won't be able to read it.  However, if a Bible is printed in English and Hanyu Pinyin, or printed in Hanyu Pinyin and Chinese characters, all missionary people can pronounce it out loud like in Chinese language to Chinese seekers and spread the Gospel easier.

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Mandarin is the official spoken Chinese language widely used in many Chinese countries.  Cantonese is one of the popular spoken Chinese languages.  Traditional and Simplified Chinese are two forms of written Chinese.  Traditional Chinese print is generally used by people from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, regardless of what they speak (Mandarin or Cantonese).   Simplified Chinese print is generally used by people from China, regardless of what they speak (Mandarin or Cantonese). We also have audio Bible on CDs or tapes, and Pinyin Bibles. Bookstore offers Chinese Mandarin Bible, Bilingual English Chinese Bible, Christian books, Chinese our daily bread devotional, Bible Study materials, tracks, children's Mandarin Christian Bibles, Jesus & Bible stories, Chinese Christian worship hymns, Stream of Praise CDs, church supplies, Chinese Sunday school books,  and Chinese evangelical books about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. 

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There are three other major translations in addition to the Union version:

1. Chinese Living Bible
- mostly free translation of them all
- published in Taiwan, we think
- not readily available in the U.S.
- expensive

2. Today's Chinese Version - (Xian4 Dai4 Xin4 Yi4 Ben3)
- published in traditional script by the HK Bible Society
- published in simplified script by the Singapore/Malaysian Bible Society
- fairly free translation but not as free as the Chinese Living Bible

3. New Chinese Version - (Xin1 Yi4 Ben3) (CNV or NCV)
- published by Worldwide Bible Society
- generally conservative translation (from original languages)
- attempt to be literal with the text - not dynamic equivalent

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